1994 // looney toons t-shirts

According to Urban Outfitters it's 1994 all over again friends! I for one couldn't be more excited because the 90's are by far the best decade known to man. Just check me out back then (that's me in the middle), rocking my grunge looney tunes t-shirt that I got at Water Country back in 94' lookin' all cool, rulin' those elementary hallways.

Obviously my shirt is way better than the one offered at Urban Outfitters (pre-fading is a little lame) but it certainly scratches that 90's itch.

UPDATE: Love how this photo was featured on Buzzfeed.com under regrettable 90's trends. No regrets, no apologies! If Buzzfeed ever wants to re-do that blog with a single person providing photographic evidence that they were involved in every single one of those trends I think I might be able to do that.

T-shirt // Junk Food Looney Coolio Bugsy t-shirt $39 available at Urban Outfitters.