666 6.30.12

Giuseppe Zanotti Design
All items La Fee Verte available on Gilt.

Instead of cursing the blazing temperatures outside, you should try to embrace the heat like the model in this hot Giuseppe Zanotti Design shoe ad. The satanic sex goddess look just seems to work on a day like today. Gilt has some great options for sale today from La Fee Verte.

hot house 6.29.12

Clockwise from top left top Lafeyette 148, skirt Miguelina, bandeau dress Miguelina, dress Zimmermann all from Gilt.

These flower patterns have that perfect mix of 'oh that's such a pretty floral print' and 'made from the livingroom drapes' kind of wrongness that somehow works. On a day like today (hovering at 100) all these options look lovely.

the triad 6.28.12

T magazine produced this tasty triad of fashion news in the issue with Patty Smith on the cover a few months back...don't worry it's still relevant!

First of all those rings are so tempting, especially the Honorine Jewels pink cleopatra eye third from the top, available online at Latitude where they have more options like the amazing opal version above.

Second, the article about those t-shirts is straight out of a Clueless, Calvin Klein underwear, 90's dream world. Finally article number three tells the back story of those amazing Thakoon paisley prints in his spring collection. Thank you T magazine for doing print proud.

space the final frontier

Welcome to surface scan, a blog that will provide you with all the things that catch my eye in the worlds of fashion, textiles, design and space exploration. No actually I'm kidding about that last one. The above pics were for the test post and I am going to leave them because the first blog is tough. Here we go!