shops // international playground

Magazines are one of my guilty pleasures. I only say guilty because I spend too much money on them and you know the trees...Anyways I'm always ripping out images and articles to save and have been scanning them recently leading to this fine blog Surface Scan that you see before you.

In one of my stacks of clippings I recently came across this article from Lucky magazine about new boutiques popping up across the country, which probably came out a few years back. I was curious to see how these shops were doing down the line and googled them up. Some were MIA but International Playground based out of NYC seems to be doing fine. Most of the brands like H. Fredriksson and Mary Meyer, I'd never heard of before, but I'm certainly glad I know them now. (Sadly the paint splattered jeans are not for sale.)

For some reason all the new arrivals are on sale, so go now.

Clockwise from top left // Mary Meyer cage crop top $61, H. Fredriksson orange dress $231, H. Fredriksson skirt $220, Kuba Dabrowski x MARIOS skirt $279, Daniel Palillo destroy top $57.40, H. Fredriksson top $121